What a great turnout! Thank you to panelists Dr Stewart Cohen, Heather Keith, Emily Dicken and Kevin Evans for their insights and to everyone who joined us to learn about how we can adapt to climate change.

Here are the practical suggestions that any one of us can do.

  • Switch to a heat pump
  • Make your own garden sustainable
  • Prepare an emergency kit, and
  • Download the NSEM Alertable App.

Sponsors: British Pacific Properties and The District Of West Vancouver.

Thank you to Martina Revello-Lerena for sharing her incredible poem with our audience. For anyone who missed the event, please enjoy Martina’s poem below:

For a Brighter Future, for Me and You”

The world once lush, now cries in pain,
As climate change leaves its bitter stain.
The sun scalds with its fiery rays,
Ice caps melt, oceans in a blaze.

Once verdant forests, a vibrant hue,
Reduced to ashes, the sky turns blue.
With droughts and floods, the land is torn,
As nature weeps, her heart is forlorn.

The earth is crying, its pain we can feel,
But our leaders turn a blind eye, their hearts made of steel.
The air we breathe, now choked with fumes,
As the industry grows, nature consumes.

The skies once blue, now tinged with gray,
As smog and pollution mark their way.
But our leaders stay silent, ignoring the plight,
Unwilling to act, to make things right.

The forests are burning, the air is thick,
But our leaders won’t act, their response is a trick.
They promise change, but their words are hollow,
Their inaction screams louder, as our hopes they swallow.

We need leaders who’ll take a stand,
Who’ll fight for our future, and the fate of our land.
We need to act fast, the time is now,
Or the world we know, will be gone somehow.

But hope still lingers, a flickering light,
To heal the Earth, our sacred right,
To halt the damage, to have an advantage,
The time is now, we cannot wait.

Reducing emissions, protecting the land,
Preserving nature, hand in hand.
It’s our responsibility, our moral duty,
To protect the Earth, for its beauty.

So let us stand, united as one,
Demanding action, until it’s done.
For the sake of our planet, and generations to come,
Let’s make a change, it’s in our hands.

To heal our planet, and all its lands,
For the beauty of nature, a treasure so grand,
Let’s join our hands, and take a stand,
To save our planet, our home and land,
For a brighter future, for me and you.

Author: Martina Revello-Lerena

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