Since March 2007, the West Vancouver Community Centre has followed a Community Governance Model that incorporates the principles of community leadership, empowerment and ownership into community services.

How it works

West Vancouver Community Centre successfully operates through a joint operating agreement between the District of West Vancouver and Enhance West Van, a registered charitable Society.

The Society’s Board of Directors are residents of West Vancouver who are committed to:

  • Community ownership and significant volunteerism, building capacity in the community and providing an important opportunity for citizen engagement and development of community leadership.
  • Ability to fundraise and leverage additional dollars beyond what the District contributes.
  • Enhanced service delivery to the community by providing a comprehensive array of services.
  • Strong partnership arrangements among the various governmental non-profit and private agencies to work together and maximize each other’s strengths and resources.

Community Benefits

  • Engaging community members and fostering community ownership of public facilities.
  • Builds volunteer and community capacity.
  • Leveraging financial resources (over and above those provided through District resources) to enhance program and service delivery.

Community governance means we self-organize to create safe and forward-thinking spaces for inspiration, continued learning, and collaboration.  This model ensures that our core community infrastructure continues to support our dynamically-changing community in terms of growth, and alignment with our shared values.


We endorse the following:

  • A sense of ownership both by participants and the community as a whole.
  • Community participation based on volunteer leadership.
  • Financial management that leverages existing budgets and and creates new sources of funding from a balance of sources.
  • A strong community-orientated Board of Directors with credibility and varied expertise.
  • Managers and facility operators who are committed to innovation and fiscal accountability.
  • Partnership with multiple partners and agencies to support Community Centre activities and services.
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