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Testimonial #1

I have been an annual FITPASS holder for many years now and attend the gym about three times a week. My wife and I have used the facilities for our two children for various lessons and classes when they were growing up and now we are  using the facilities for our grand daughter for ballet and swimming lessons. I feel know my way around the facility.

While my grand daughter is splashing around in the pool, learning to put her head underwater and other good stuff, I sit in the viewing area observing. What I see is a wonderful pool area heavily utilized by the public and staffed by capable helpful instructors and lifeguards.

My observations and thoughts extend to the building as a whole and I realize that I am most impressed with every aspect of the Rec Centre - the staff, the physical building and its utilization and the wide range of programs offered to the public.

The Board of Directors and the program planners and the people who deliver those programs are all to be congratulated. I believe it is (along with the Library) the best value for my tax dollar. And for all that, I offer a simple Thank You.

-Lowan M, February 2020

Testimonial #2

My children participate in year round extra-curricular/recreation activities at the West Vancouver Recreation Center. My son has had some support from the Summer Camp Inclusion Program over the past two years. This support has helped him make positive memories and be successful in various Summer camps. The staff/volunteers are wonderful and show true interest in helping to ensure the children have wonderful, healthy experiences. I would like to make a donation towards SCIP. 

-Amanda, February 2020

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