The long term impact of exercise on physical and mental health.

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 at West Vancouver Community Centre.

This free Forum for Dialogue and Learning event was co-hosted by Enhance West Van and the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute and Sponsored by British Pacific Properties LTD

“BPP applauds Enhance West Van for emphasizing the vital role of natural outdoor spaces in promoting our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We also believe that access to nature and outdoor recreation are key to a healthy community.

To that end, BPP is collaborating with the District of West Vancouver to realize Cypress Village, an initiative that will protect over 900 acres of natural area in Eagleridge in perpetuity and add almost 14 kilometres of new paths and trails, ensuring that West Vancouver remains a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a community where nature and recreation are central to our lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you all out on the trails!”

Geoff Croll, President of British Pacific Properties

Our Panelists

As part of the First Annual National Forum on Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health, this forum brought together former TV news anchor & reporter, Pamela Martin and 3 expert panelists to present and discuss the long term medical benefits of exercise and its impact on our physical health.

  • Dr. Rosalin Miles
    Founder of the Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle, and UBC Indigenous Scholar
  • Katie Fenn
    Chief Executive Officer, BC Recreation and Parks Association
  • Jai Bawa
    A49 Architect

More about our speakers

Dr. Rosalin Miles (Ed.D.)

Dr. Rosalin Miles belongs to Lytton First Nation and serves on Band Council. In 2024, she has been inducted into the North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame within the “Builder” Category (2024).

She is a pivotal figure in advancing Indigenous sports on both national and international stages as the Founder and Executive Director of the Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle. Recognized by the House of Commons and honored with Vancouver Quadra’s Hidden Hero Award, Rosalin’s dedication to IPACC underscores her commitment to elevating the profile of Indigenous people in promoting traditional activities, sport, recreation and fitness in our communities.

Her role at the University of British Columbia as a Research Associate and Indigenous Scholar in the Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology program further amplifies this commitment.

Rosalin’s hands-on experience as a past strength and conditioning coach, and an accomplished athlete herself where she has competed in softball and powerlifting. With 40 years of rich experience in sports, fitness, education, and health, Dr. Rosalin Miles stands as a torch in the Indigenous community.

Katie Fenn

Katie Fenn grew up in recreation and parks, having been a fitness and dance instructor, lifeguard, camp leader/manager, support worker, and festival visual arts coordinator, and participant in the Olympic Academy of Canada. Her connection to recreation continues as a parent and coach, with two active school-aged children. Katie joined BC Recreation and Parks Association as CEO in 2022.

Jai Bawa

Jai Bawa is an experienced architectural designer and project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture, project management & planning industry.

He has a strong arts and design background with a Professional Degree in Architecture – B.Arch (1st Division) and two Post Grad Certificates focused in Green Architecture and Project Management.

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