Enhance WestVan has been working closely with the community since 2013 to develop a 20-year plan for replacing our aging facilities in a cost-effective way.
The subcommittees of the board support the efficient operation of Enhance West Van. Committees are made […]
JODI WEIDERICK Executive Director Jodi has over 20 years of experience in both municipal and non-profit […]
Through sponsorship, you link your business to our high-profile fundraising events. Local participants form positive opinions about your credibility, connections and contribution to the WestVan community.
Membership fees fund enhanced services and programs. Annual Membership is required for anyone who wants to register for any fitpass, or a Community Centre, Aquatic or Ice arena programme.
We are the West Vancouver Community Centres Services Society, a Registered Charitable Society¬† governed by members […]
Enhance WestVan is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are residents of West Vancouver and committed to citizen engagement, fundraising and financial management.
Since March 2007, the West Vancouver Community Centre has followed a Community Governance Model that incorporates […]
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Enhance West Van provides community grants to support families in need. Our grants helped those who experienced food insecurity during the pandemic.