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Have you heard the news? The West Vancouver Community Centres Society has officially rebranded to enhance WEST VAN. You may have noticed our new name and branding around the community centre.


The face of the society might be changing but our mission and mandate remain as follows:


Engaging with our community to identify needs and opportunities, we create welcoming and inclusive ways for people to participate and come together. Going above and beyond what is already here, we provide enhanced programs and services that help to make our community stronger and more connected. Together we're making your community centre even better.

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Enhance West Van presents a fall-themed fundraising event: Pancakes and Pumpkin Patch! If you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering, please contact Jodi Weiderick, Executive Director of Enhance West Van, at jweiderick@westvancouver.ca.


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Enhance West Van is a charitable society that is operated under an innovative community governance partnership with the District of West Vancouver.