Annual Member Survey 2019 - Results

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Survey Highlights

Thank you again to those community members who took the time to fill out our annual member survey. The West Vancouver Community Centres Society and the Community Services Staff have reviewed the survey results and would like to share with you a few of the key highlights.

This year, an impressive 529 people responded to our annual member survey and this is what we heard.


  • Nearly 98% of you described your overall experience at the West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatics Centre and/or Ice Arena as Excellent or Good. We are thrilled to receive this feedback and will strive to maintain and even elevate these standards.

    “This is an excellent place to mingle. Excellent for interaction with people of different cultures." "I find the programs and groups I interact with to be inclusive of all cultures and with new participants."
  • While we continue to strive for inclusion within our centre and community, we were happy to hear that many of you already feel that this is a progressive and inclusive environment.

    “I think the centre is doing a great service to the community - well done!"
  • We were excited that many of you left positive feedback regarding our programs and services and can guarantee that we are constantly seeking to improve in all aspects to ensure the highest regard of customer satisfaction.

    “West Van works hard at improvement and it shows."
  • We are pleased that you recognize our efforts in building the best centres possible. We are listening to you!


Did you know that PumpkinFest is a fundraising event run by the West Vancouver Community Centres Society?

  • 34% of you responded that you didn't know about any of our events. Because of this, we will continually look for new and exciting ways to build community awareness of who we are and what we do.
  • Many respondents commented on cleanliness issues at the facility. We will continue to work with the District's Facility and Maintenance staff teams to address these issues and find solutions for the specific issues that were raised. Facilities has recently hired a Facilities Customer Service Supervisor to monitor the cleaning requirements and to adjust cleaning schedules as required and to implement training requirements.
  • We heard that you would like to see more opportunities for the different cultures that enrich our community. Did you know that the West Vancouver Community Centres Society has just recently (through a donor gift) funded a new Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Program? This new initiative will further the multicultural opportunities at the Community Centre moving forward.

Please meet Minori Ide, our new Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Program Coordinator.

After many years of creating and running marketing campaigns for business services and products, Minori began her journey in supporting diversity and inclusion programs in non-profit environments in 2014. She brings her expertise from community program planning and delivery of anti-racism forums, immigrant inclusion and integration programs, training and working with volunteers, reconciliation, and diversity & inclusion training. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Jodi Weiderick - Executive Director at

Volunteer for PumpkinFest 2019! For more information please email


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The West Vancouver Community Centre is operated under an innovative community governance partnership between the District of West Vancouver and the West Vancouver Community Centres Society, a registered charitable Society.